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Greetings All,

Again it is late – could not be helped – health issues are a pain, literally, and kept me from working for several days in recent weeks. Oh Well, such is life.

Hey for those that missed the Spam cook-off at Mar Azul – it was a blast yet again. Having restricted my diet, I did not sample any of the entries this year but they looked amazing. I am still amazed at how many people continue to participate year after year – all for an alka-seltzer and gift certificate to the Mar Azul! My favorite entry was this beautiful mini spam wedding cake! Lauren Lebbar made it and it looked amazing – the judges agreed and of course it won first prize in the dessert category. Will Eiland did a beautiful chili relleno that won best entrée. Presentation definitely counts when the competition for taste and originality gets tougher each year!

If you are into baseball, make sure you get to see our local “Caribes” play if there is a home game – they are on fire this season and my buddy “Becker” (you may know him from bartending at the Mar Azul) is so taken with them that he is writing about them for Vieques Events! They have some new team members who are just amazing so the games have been packed with action. I have attended games in the past but have not made it to one this year. Maybe later in the season I will have the opportunity.

The island has had rain so has been green but as we go into hurricane season so come the “sahara sands” which drift all the way from Africa. It is usual to see a haze in the sky and especially over the main island when enjoying the view. In addition to that, Montserrat blew and we had some ash and gas hanging in the air causing some allergy problems as well. The haze can continue now until November but it does not interfere with the lovely weather. I did experience some unusually warm days while there last month but hopefully the weather has returned to more normal temps. The news said that 2 record high temperatures were set in San Juan during May – oh my! Hope that does not hold for the entire summer season!

Rumor has it that parking on the road to the ferry dock, near the coliseum and across from the Ocean View Hotel is now not permitted and people are getting tickets. If there are no signs and the curb is not painted yellow, I sincerely hope people are using their digital cameras to photograph this harassment and are fighting tickets. If there is no sign and the curb is not painted yellow, you can fight and win this in court (in Vieques) and not pay the $50 fine. With the construction downtown they have already lost lots of parking spacing and losing these 8 or 10 more is ridiculous. Most of them are used by people traveling on the ferry.

Tiki Hut has changed hands and the new name is “Belly Buttons” which I guess works as the new owners’ last name is Button. I imagine that Norma and Craig will do a great job with breakfast and lunch and the food will be wonderful. The only thing I am not sure about (and I have not seen it, just heard that they were going to do it) is viewing pictures of peoples belly buttons. Now there are some that I imagine are quite lovely and some that I imagine may interfere with my appetite! I hope they use discretion with some of the pictures that they post there where people eat! But a novel idea it is so………
Remember that summer hours can change with little or no notice so always call ahead before heading out to dinner. We don’t want you to be disappointed. Hey one really fun thing for the summer is the Pool Party at the Palms at bbh. Reenie will be hosting the pool party from 5-9pm and there will be local drink specials. This is a great way to cool off before or after dinner! I have heard that in the past some of the parties have gotten pretty crazy there so guess you will just have to check it out for yourself. But if you have never been to the Palms, it is lovely. As for bbh, it is one of my all time favorite places to eat! Speaking of eating you can check the archives about many of the restaurants but I have to mention that Carambola and Blue Moon Bar do have different specials many nights of the week, be sure to call ahead and check them out. Those, located at the Inn on the Blue Horizon, are truly magical and worth a visit, even if only for a drink.

Jim Starke just arrived on the island and I will let him fill in some of his impressions since his arrival. Not sure when I will get back, hopefully very soon. Some belly problems have caused some problems and need to be figured out before I can return so…….. here’s Jim should he decide to ad some information. And if he doesn’t the calendar follows.

Happy travels to you all


Hi Everyone,

Jim here. For those who don't know me, Enchanted Isle is my website (about me) and I've been here for about a week mostly in Isabel Segunda where I'm staying. I only just manifested a vehicle, so I have been hoofing it everywhere. I've been spending my AM's at Roy's Coffee Lounge uploading to the site and meeting customers and new and old friends. shopping for odds and ends and taking a bunch of pictures. And yes, I can attest to the fact that both the Sands and Montserrat are affecting the island without even talking about the street construction in Vieques. My last three years of visits here have made it a real challenge to take a landscape portrait with a discernible horizon, clouds and sky. I guess I'm going to have to return during a different part of the year to get those.

On the weather. I won't say it's absolutely balmy, but it sure is nicer than St. Augustine, Florida right now. I don't have A/C here and with a fan and the constant breezes, I find it infinitely more comfortable than Florida. I could not live there in the summer without A/C.  

I am adding a couple of shots to this that I took in the last couple of days of the fort and a very bold Iguana.

One thing I almost forgot to mention and this is a biggie to me. I would like to thank and Acknowledge Judy. This is her 72nd issue of What's Happenin' without missing an issue in 6 years. She is an incredible Lady.

Thank You Judy!!

Join me in knowing perfect health for our friend Judy.

In Peace,



June 2006 Calendar

Saturday, 3rd Caribes against La Playa, Home game in Florida ballpark, 7pm
Thursday, 8th Meeting of the Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) for the investigation and cleanup of Vieques; 5-9pm at the Lighthouse in Isabel Segunda
Saturday, 10th Risk Assessment Workshop, 9am-3pm at the Lighthouse in Isabel Segunda. For information call Susana Struve (703-471-6405 ext. 4217)
Sunday, 11th Caribes against Daguao, away game, 741-2999
Monday, 12th and Tuesday, 13th Symposium on Responsible Tourism (in Spanish) at Multiple - Use Center, 5-9pm. Subjects: Tourism for All and by All, Sustainable Development, Rural Tourism and Ecotourism. Guest speaker: Alexis Molinares, Ecologist. Free entrance, call 741-0800 for more information
Thursday, 15th & Friday, 16th Verizon Wireless cell phones for sale at Centro Comercial.
Saturday, 17th Photography exhibit: Between the Abuse and Dignity: Filiberto Ojeda Ríos, by Farrique Pesquera, 7pm at the Fort, until July 23rd
Caribes against Daguao, Home game in Florida ballpark, 7pm
Sunday, 18th Father's Day
Monday, 19th Clean Up Vieques! Join the monthly cleanup of the roads of Vieques. Meet at the Green Store. 7:30 - 9am. Bags, gloves, water provided
Food Safety Handling Course, required for Health License, at The Crow's Nest; English 12noon-4pm (exam from 4-6pm); Spanish 8am-12noon (exam from 12 - 2pm); $100 per person; reservations required; for information call Reynaldo, 787 370-7474
Monday, 19th - Sunday, 25th VYLI's 3rd Annual Summer Institute at the Lighthouse, 9-5pm ages 13-17.
Friday, 23rd Vigil for the Dignity of Filiberto Ojeda Ríos, music of Fernandino Ferrer and Hernan and Monica (Viequense Rap), poetry, paying homage to the life and struggle of Filiberto Ojeda Ríos, at the statue of Angel Rodríguez Castro, Esperanza, 6 pm
Saturday, 24th Caribes against Ceiba, Home game in Florida ballpark. 7pm
Sunday, 25th Graduation: VYLI's 3rd Annual Summer Institute open to all: from 1-3pm
Wednesday, 28th
Public hearings on the Area Plans proposed by the Municipality of Vieques for Esperanza, Isabel II and Mosquito, 6pm, Multiple Use Center
Thursday, 29th Symposium on Responsible Tourism (in Spanish) at Martineau Bay Resort and Spa, 5-9pm. Subjects: Tourism for All and by All, Sustainable Development, Rural Tourism and Ecotourism. Guest speaker: Alexis Molinares, Ecologist. Free entrance, call 741-0800 for more information
Friday, 30th Symposium on Responsible Tourism (in English) at Martineau Bay Resort and Spa, 5-9pm. Subjects: Tourism for All and by All, Sustainable Development, Rural Tourism and Ecotourism. Guest speaker: Alexis Molinares, Ecologist. Free entrance, call 741-0800 for more information
Daily Vinyasa Yoga at Hix Island House, 9:30 am, 435-6850
Mondays Medalla Night at Bananas Medalla beer for $1, from 4pm
Movie Night at the Blue Moon Bar & Grill at Inn on the Blue Horizon. Giant Screen T.V. Various Snacks! 741-3318
Tuesdays Happy Hour at the Island Steakhouse, 5-7pm, chance to win free tab; 741-001
Tapas Night at BMB & Grill at Inn on the Blue Horizon from 5 - 10pm
Wednesdays VYLI Cultural Arts- Youth 10-18 making handicrafts, 3:30-5pm. at Conch House in Isabel II
Tapas Night at BMB & Grill at Inn on the Blue Horizon from 5 - 10pm
Wine Night at El Jardín at The Crow's Nest: all wines at half price
Poker Night at Doghouse Café in Esperanza. 7:30pm on the deck
Thursdays Marine Life Exhibit guided tours at VCHT, 1-3 pm
El Jardín Supper Club at The Crow's Nest; complimentary glass of wine with dinner from 5-7pm
Science of Mind, interfaith meditation, 7-8pm; call 741-0321 for info
Marine Life Exhibit guided tours at VCHT, 1-3 pm
Mofongo Night at Carambola Restaurant at Inn on the Blue Horizon. 741-3318
Pasta at Martineau Bay Resort, includes soup, salad and deserts, 6-10pm
Lobster Specials at Trade Winds, call 741-8666 for reservations
Fridays & Saturdays Pool Party at the Palms! 5-9pm, bring you suits, cool off in the pool or with drink specials!
Ay, Chihuahua! Go Mexican at the Blue Moon Bar & Grill at Inn on the Blue Horizon. Sizzling fajitas, delicious nachos & more! 741-3318
Marine Life Exhibit guided tours at VCHT, 2-4 pm
Prime Rib Night at Paso Fino restaurant, at Martineau Bay, 6-10pm
Karaoke at Mar Azul, 9pm
Wed., Sat. and Sun. Yoga Class at Sun Bay: 9:00 am 435-7510
Sundays Radio Vieques, 10-11am on WALO radio, 1240 AM, by the Rescue and Development Committee; participate by telephone by calling 741-0716
Marine Life Exhibit guided tours at VCHT, 1-3 pm
Live music at Topacio, 2-6pm
Guest Chef Night at Doghouse Café in Esperanza. Call 741-0341 for "ethnic" menu of the week and reservations
Paella Specials at the Trade Winds, call 741-8666 for reservations
Prime Rib at the Island Steakhouse, call 741-0011 for reservations
Mondays & Wednesdays Yoga Class at La Casa de Yoga: 4:30 pm 741-1378
Mon.-Wed.-Fri. Spinning Classes at Utopia Fitness, 6- 7pm, call 741-2805 for information
Through Sunday, June 11th Vieques Garden: six installations of students from the School of Plastic Arts in San Juan, dealing with contemporary Vieques issues, at the Fort
All Month Photography exhibit "Vieques: A Long Way Home" by Bonnie Donohue at the Fort, Conde Mirasol Museum
To be announced Poolside Fundraiser to Benefit the Vieques Humane Society, sponsored by Eva Bolivar. Call 741-0209 for information
Coming Soon! Horse Castration Clinic at the Vieques Humane Society, call for date 741-0209


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