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Hi everyone,

We started off the Holiday Season with a memorial service for our dear friend and my What's Happenin' editor, Judy Leach. After a year of a valiant fight against Lung Cancer, Judy has left us in body to remain eternally in our hearts. She was and is a wonderful, sweet soul who always gave of herself, in her jobs, in her work and for her island.  She is a reminder to us of how rich our lives can be just being all that we can be. It's not about money, or fame, or being better than someone else. It's about passion, compassion, and Love. Judy had a lot of all those things. It showed in the way she wrote about the island, the people and the potential each has. Whenever there was a choice of paths to follow, of perspectives to voice, she chose the highest and best for everyone.

In this Season of Love, Birth, Rebirth and Peace, it is my hope that we can all infuse a little of this into our souls and give our best to everyone.

Thanks for reading and have a great visit!
Jim for Judy Leach


Thursday, 7th Municipal Band Christmas Concert. Methodist Church, Isabel II, 7:30pm.
Walk for Peace and Tranquility organized by the Catholic Church. Meet at the police station, 6pm.
Saturday, 9th Tree Planting - VYLI Eco-Tourism Initiative with Tania Cruz: UPR Cayey student, and Aluminum can pick up for Vieques Humane Society. Meet at Conch House, 10am.
Film presentation by Sacred Heart University students. Fort Count Mirasol Museum, 7pm.
Sunday, 10th Memorial Service and Celebration of Life, Judy Leach. Al’s Mar Azul, 1pm.
Monday, 11th Conversation with Vieques secondary school students and artist Damary Burgos on the exhibit “Tiles in Falujah, Playing in Vieques.” Fort Count Mirasol Museum, 9am.
Thursday, 14th Movies at the Fort, presented by Viequense cinematographer Andrés Nieves: “Vieques in the Claws of the Empire” and “Vieques, the Struggle Continues: A Tribute to Carmelo Félix Matta.” Fort Count Mirasol Museum, 7pm.
Friday, 15th Christmas Lightning, organized by the Municipality on Main Street, 8pm
Saturday, 16th Christmas toys given to children; organized by the Municipality, at the Coliseum, 3pm
Opening of art exhibit by political prisoners Carlos Alberto Torres and Oscar López: “Without Enough
Space.” Music by the Puerto Rican folklore group, Mapeye. Fort Count Mirasol Museum, 7pm.
Sunday, 17th Grand Season Opening of Beach Doggies, in Bravos de Boston, 6 - 8 pm; follow the signs; drinks; appetizers.
Friday, 22 & Saturday 23 and
Wednesday, 27 - Saturday, 30
Holiday Sales VYLI youth sell holiday gifts and souvenirs:
T-shirts, pendants and hand-made jewelry and bird houses 5-7 pm.
Saturday, 23rd Ninth Christmas Trouvaudor Music Festival, organized by Mon Silva and Producciones Chelimon, 8pm at the Malecon in Esperanza
Sunday, 24th BBH Xmas Eve Dinner
Sunday, 31st
2nd Annual New Years Eve! Blowout at BBH. This year’s theme - “Fireball!”
New Years Eve Beneath the Stars at Martineau Bay. Buffet Dinner, Champagne, 2 live bands. 6pm.
New Year’s party organized by the Municipality, at the Maleçon in Esperanza, 9pm

By Week

Daily VINYASA YOGA at Hix Island House,9:30am, 435-6850
Mondays MOVIE NIIGHT at the Blue Moon Bar & Grill at Inn on the Blue Horizon. Giant Screen TV. Various Snacks! 741-3318
Tuesdays HAPPY HOUR at El Jardín at The Crow’s Nest,5-7pm, chance to win free tab. 741-0011
ALL YOU CAN EAT Southern BBQ at the Island Steakhouse $23 per person
TAPAS NIGHT at Blue Moon Bar & Grill at Inn on the Blue Horizon. 5-10pm
VYLI CULTURAL-ENTREPRENEURSHIP INITIATIVE - Youth make hand-made jewelry from Vieques' natural seeds and beads to sell on the Malecon. 3-5pm
MARINE LIFE EXHIBIT - guided tours at VCHT, 1-3pm
Wednesdays TAPAS NIGHT at the Blue Moon Bar & Grill at Inn on the Blue Horizon. 5-10pm
KARAOKE at Mar Azul, 9pm
Thursdays MARINE LIFE EXHIBIT - guided tours at VCHT, 1-3pm
DOCUMENTARY FILMS -Vieques History and Peace movement, 8 pm. On the balcony of Casa de Kathy, 367 Calle
Bromelias, Esperanza, free. 741-3352
SCIENCE OF MIND, interfaith meditation, 7-8pm; call 741-0321 for info
Fridays MARINE LIFE EXHIBIT - guided tours at VCHT, 1-3pm
MOFONGO NIGHT at Carambola Restaurant at Inn on the Blue Horizon. 741-3318
THE PALMS BAR, BBH...5pm - ???
PASTA at Martineau Bay Resort, includes soup, salad and desserts, 6- 10pm
Saturdays MARINE LIFE EXHIBIT - guided tours at VCHT, 1-3pm
VYLI ECO-TOURISM INITIATIVE with Tania Cruz: Youth (11-17) collect and harvest local products and carve them into bird houses with beautiful Taino designs. 1-4pm
VYLI BIKE REPAIR WORKSHOP with Carlos Belardo: youth learn how to fix their bikes. 11am-1pm
AY, CHIHUAHUA! GO MEXICAN at the Blue Moon Bar & Grill at Inn on the Blue Horizon. Sizzling fajitas, delicious nachos & more! 741-3318
THE PALMS BAR, BBH...5pm - ???
PRIME RIB NIGHT at Paso Fino restaurant, at Martineau Bay, 6-10pm
KARAOKE at Mar Azul, 9pm Wed., Sat. and Sun.
YOGA CLASS at Sun Bay: 9:00 am 435-7510
Sundays KARAOKE at Mar Azul, 9pm
PRIME RIB at the Island Steakhouse, call 741-0011 for reservations
Mondays & Wednesdays YOGA CLASS at La Casa de Yoga: 4:30 pm 741-1378
All Month SALE: 20% off on all merchandise except consignment items, at the VCHT in Esperanza

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